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  • How do you generate leads?
    The first thing I will do is make sure that I completely understand your target audience (job titles, company types, industries, revenue ranges, etc.). After I have this information, I will use various lead generation tools to find your leads and obtain their details. Usually I have no problems generating a healthy number of leads for my clients, ranging from blue collar companies to enterprises.
  • How does your outreach process work?
    I will start out the process by creating a throwaway email address with a domain that is similar to yours, but not the exact same. The reason for doing this is to keep your primary email domain safe. My campaigns are sending out hundreds or thousands of emails, and in case anything happens to the throwaway email address during this process, your primary email reputation will be safe. If your email address is, I will create something like for the outreach address (I purchase the domains from Google GSuite). After creating the email, I will "warm up the inbox" for three weeks. Email warmup is an automated process that sends and receives uniquely worded messages with people which builds a positive email sender reputation, and gives the impression to email providers that you have a normal email address. This is an important practice that helps me land in Inbox folders as opposed to Spam. Read more about this process here: During this warm up, I will be creating email copy and running it by you for approval, along with generating the first batch of leads as well. After the warm ups have concluded, I will be starting my campaigns and keeping you posted on the progress.
  • Whats the most amount of emails that you can send in a day?
    Because I use Lemlist for my cold email campaigns, there is an algorhithmic system in place that determines when it can push for mass emails and when it needs to stop. The most emails that I will send from one account is 100 per day, but please keep in mind that it takes one month to progress up to that number (50/day in week 1, 60/day in week 2, etc.) If you want big campaigns to circulate faster, we would need to purchase multiple email accounts to send from.
  • What happens when a lead is interested in scheduling a meeting?
    When a lead is interested in scheduling a meeting, I will either loop you in on CC in the email and allow you to coordinate directly, or my throwaway email will be under your name and you can log into the email yourself and coordinate with the lead. I usually include a calendly link in my messages which allows the lead to reserve a slot directly themselves.
  • How will I know what's going on during the campaigns?
    I will provide you with weekly reports showing the numbers on campaigns and summarizing the overall activity. I also can have weekly or bi-weekly coordination calls where I briefly go over my findings, progress, and brainstorming.
  • How do you keep the outreach email address safe/ avoid it from becoming spammy?
    Apart from the warm up process which I mentioned earlier, I take a couple of other back end measures within the DNS Settings of the email address to make sure it is completely safe and ready to take on a large campaign. I also subscribe to about 10-15 newsletters to replicate "human" behavior so that email providers/servers do not flag the account. I also make sure to avoid any spammy words which may trigger email providers as well, this can be a delicate procedure which requires email savvy. Please feel free to check out some of these tools/guides: Check your email deliverability Score The Top Email Spam Trigger Words
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